Aluksne district

Classifieds in Aluksne district

What is Dalder?

Post advertisements & ads free of charge. Promote sales for a fee

Free advertisements and ads

Classic system for advertisements or ads with a longer placement duration than usual, helping you save time and money.

Functionality tools

Extensive opportunities to make your advertisements and ads stand out and to boost their visibility.

Sales tools

Use your ad to also promote sales in other ways – as a gift, part of a sales campaign or with a discount. Only 10% of the regular sales expenses.

Why Dalder in Aluksne district?

Next generation advertisements and ads portal.

Profile replaces website

Get a free website that will clearly show your target audience what you are offering and searching for.

The broadest target audience

Automatic translation into 3 languages and the marketing of the portal will help you reach a broader audience, including international audience.


Detailed geographical division – a separate board for each region, city and city district. Easy to find out what's happening near you.

Information filtering

Powerful filtering options based on various characteristics of goods and services. Save filters and receive information when it appears.

Information as a service

The portal builds a database of popular products and services, saving the user time when creating a classified.


User feedback on other users, companies, goods, services and professions.

Automated data exchange

Automated exchange of XML data with companies offering a broad assortment of goods and services.


Only quality information – relevant ads in compliance with the portal rules.

Sales support

E-mail, phone, social media – we help you post information to the portal correctly and consult you on the best ways to sell.